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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals

A collection of manuals, pamphlets, information leaflets and other materials regarding the Tandy TRS-80.

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Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Radio Shack service manual for the TRS-80 model 4P and 4P Gate Array computers. Radio Shack catalog number 26-1080.
Topics: TRS-80, Radio Shack, Computers
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Color Computer 3 NTSC/PAL Version with 512K Expansion RAM Card Catalog Number: 26-3334 Includes System Description, Memory Map, Registers, Specifications, Disassembly/Assembly, Block Diagram, Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting, PCB Views, Electrical Parts Lists, Exploded Views, Semiconductor Information, Schematic Diagrams.
Topics: TRS-80 Color Computer, Computer History, technical manuals, schematics
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat)[OCR]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, user, basic, program, byte, disk, model, main memory, fixed item,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)(DE)
Topics: und, dar, das, auf, dan, dia, von, die, auf die, nicht, und das, und die, auf dar, eof rba, auf...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Information for Programmers and Technicians Cat. No. 26-3193 Custom manufactured in U.S.A. by Radio Shack - a division of Tandy Corporation Includes System Description, Memory Map, Disassembly/Assembly, Theory of Operation, Troubleshooting, Parts Lists, Printed Circuit Board, Schematic.
Topics: TRS-80 Color Computer -- Handbooks, manuals, etc., TRS-80 Color Computer -- Programming., Computer...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 100 Basic Language Lab (1983)(Tandy)
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Topics: program, print, data, statement, string, variable, experiment, goto, execute, input, file number,...
TRS-80 Manual: Games Pack I for Level I (1978)(Tandy)
Topics: gos, vou, cls, goto, program, draw, rnd, ret, space taxi, vour, radio shack, press enter, landing...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Radio Shack
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Topics: TRS-80 Model 16, technical manuals, computer history, schematics
TRS-80 Manual: TRS-80 Computer Graphics (1982)(Tandy)
Topics: graphics, defb, manual, pixel, computer, operation, screen, call, array, radio, pixel area,...
TRS-80 Manual: Xenix Operating Guide (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, files, directory, system, input, text, commands, syntax, output, editing buffer,...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 102 Applications and BASIC Reference Guide (1985)(Tandy)[PDF]
Topics: basic, program, print, string, returns, prints, numeric, file, gosub, tandy, keyboard character,...
TRS-80 Manual: Upper and Lower Case Driver Programs (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: shack, ulcbas, program, programs, lower, radio, modification, case, trsdos, disk, tandy...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1 for Model I and III (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, system, drive, device, ldos, files, jcl, ldos ready, record number,...
TRS-80 Manual: Zork The Great Underground Empire (1982)(Infocom)[a]
Topics: zork, diskette, enter, press, type, backup, save, game, model, drive, zork diskette, great...
TRS-80 Manual: TRSDOS v2.1 Reference Manual (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: disk, trsdos, file, data, buffer, diskette, program, basic, record, command, trsdos command, basic...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Gary Lee Phillips
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Reprint of an article published in 1990. Describes building and testing of a MIDI interface for the TRS-80 Model 4 or 4P computer. Copyright by the author, who now provides this reprint for non-commercial sharing. Originally published in The Misosys Quarterly, vol. 5, no. 1, Fall, 1990.
Topics: MIDI, TRS-80, microcomputer, electronics
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy)[a]
Topics: program, byte, instruction, location, data, lesson, flag, memory, register pair, registers, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: MC C-Language Compiler (1985)(Misosys)[PDF]
Topics: function, file, compiler, error, copyright, reserved, misosys, char, language, pointer, error...
TRS-80 Manual: Model 2 Disk Operating System Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: trsdos, file, diskette, command, code, data, error, program, printer, buffer, system files,...
TRS-80 Manual: Midway Campaign (1980)(Avalon Hill)
Topics: aircraft, midway, strike, japanese, damage, program, cap, spotted, computer, fleet, fleet commands,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Eliza (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: eliza, ienteri, software, tandy, press, iii, shack, computer, type, radio, radio shack, voice...
TRS-80 Manual: Level III BASIC (19xx)(Microsoft)
Topics: iii, level, program, array, mode, screen, graphics, basic, character, statement, expansion box,...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Tutor 1st Edition (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: program, byte, instruction, memory, data, lesson, flag, location, register pair, registers, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: GDOS v2.4 (1984)(TCS Computer)
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: die, und, das, mit, wird, des, den, auf, auf der, der diskette, dem bildschirm, innerhalb der, mit...
TRS-80 Manual: DOSPLUS v3.5 (19xx)(Micro-Systems Software)
Topics: disk, file, dosplus, system, model, program, drive, command, device, manual, disk drive, ffff ffff,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Multiplan (1982)(Microsoft)
Topics: multiplan, command, cell, column, worksheet, window, format, cells, copy, press, window split,...
TRS-80 Manual: BASIC Compiler v5.3 (1981)(Microsoft)
Topics: program, file, disk, compiler, string, command, basic, error, statements, statement, cross...
TRS-80 Manual: ALDS Assembly Language Development System v3.02 Manual (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, reset, object, alds, program, instruction, memory, byte, register pair, address, order...
TRS-80 Manual: Hard Disk Operating System (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, jcl, system, device, ldos, files, drive, control language, record...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1 (19xx)(Logical Systems Inc)
Topics: file, command, disk, program, system, jcl, device, ldos, files, drive, machine language, job...
TRS-80 Manual: ZBasic 4th Edition with 3rd Edition Appendixes (1987)(Zedcor)
Topics: zbasic, print, program, appendix, statement, variables, error, string, function, file, disk error,...
TRS-80 Manual: TK!Solver v1.0 (1984)(Software Arts Inc)
Topics: command, sheet, variable, program, tkisolver, values, field, list, cursor, unit, rule sheet, global...
TRS-80 Manual: Programs for Beginners on the TRS-80 (1981)(Hayden Book Company)
Topics: program, level, print, screen, goto, beginners, programs, lines, random number, prints, hayden...
TRS-80 Manual: GEAP Font Disk 3 (1982)(W K Mason)
Topics: font, fonts, lowercase, abcdef, frame, upper, ghi, size, stfc, dots
TRS-80 Manual: NewScript v7.0 (1982)(Tesler Software Corporation)
Topics: newscript, text, prosoft, script, command, control, ttsc, file, lines, copyright, installation...
TRS-80 Manual: Alcor C for Model 4 (1983)(Alcor Systems)
Topics: file, function, command, chapter, char, printf, program, string, editor, character, format string,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[a]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, program, eof, model, byte, basic, record, mandatory zap, main memory,...
TRS-80 Manual: Macro-80 Assembler (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: assembler, macro, tha, error, software, manual, utility, file, listing, source, listing file,...
TRS-80 Manual: MuMath and MuSimp (1980)(Soft Warehouse)
Topics: function, mumath, musimp, variable, integer, control, variables, functions, arithmetic, returns,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Pascal (1983)(Alcor)
Topics: file, program, command, pascal, editor, variable, procedure, type, commands, cursor, data type,...
TRS-80 Manual: LDOS v5.1.x 2nd Ed (1981)(Logical Systems)[PDF]
Topics: ldos, file, command, device, drive, byte, system, disk, jcl, parameter, device control, file...
TRS-80 Manual: TRSDOS v2.1 and Disk Basic v1.1 Manual (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: disk, trsdos, file, data, buffer, diskette, program, basic, record, command, physical record, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: DOSPLUS IV vA.4 (1983)(Micro-Systems Software)
Topics: disk, file, dosplus, system, operating, device, drive, command, manual, parameter, ffff ffff,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 for Model I (19xx)(Apparat Inc)
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, model, eof, zap, byte, program, record, system option, iii trsdos,...
TRS-80 Manual: ESF Z-80 Forth v1.0 (19xx)(Vern Tallman)[PDF]
Topics: defw, endm, defb, semis, lit, dup, defm, docol, fromr, subb, defw store, defw dup, defw endm, defw...
TRS-80 Manual: Astrology (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: planets, sign, ascendent, sun, taurus, chart, signs, program, birth, planet, astrology program,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Allwrite! (1985)(Prosoft)
Topics: allwrite, text, control, chapter, file, printer, prosoft, ttsc, command, disk, emphasis marks, form...
TRS-80 Manual: Assembly Language Development System v3.02 (1983)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, object, reset, memory, program, instruction, alds, byte, register pair, address, order...
TRS-80 Manual: General Ledger (1979)(Adam Osborne)
Topics: account, file, program, posting, accounts, gosub, total, print, balance, ledger, posting file,...
TRS-80 Manual: TBUG Z-80 Monitor (1978)(Tandy)
Topics: res, tbug, set, level, adc, byte, dec, bit, program, memory, save area, xor xor, source code, bit...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler Series I (1981)(Tandy)
Topics: contents, reset, object, byte, set, mhz, instruction, memory, register pair, address, memory...
TRS-80 Manual: Network Pascal Student Manual (1984)(Alcor Systems)
Topics: program, pascal, file, procedure, variables, statement, variable, type, function, compiler, data...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer (CoCo) Operation Manual
Topics: tandy trs-80, radioshack, coco, manual, user guide
TRS-80 Manual: Level III BASIC Instruction Manual (1979)(Microsoft Consumer Products)
Topics: iii, level, graphics, program, screen, basic, mode, array, string, statement, iii cassette,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by LNW Research Corporation
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Manuals, board images and schematics included in the DIY kit of the LNW80 computer and System Expansion board for the TRS-80 computer by LNW Research Corp. ca. 1978-1982
Topics: TRS-80, TRS 80, TRS80, LNW-80, LNW80, LNW 80, LNW, LNW Research Corp, LNW-80, Tandy, LNW, computer,...
TRS-80 Manual: Galactic Empire (1979)(Broderbund)
Topics: galactic, central, computer, fleet, ships, planetary, star, galaxy, system, cryonics, computer...
TRS-80 Manual: Lazy Writer v3.5 (1985)(AlphaBit Communications)
Topics: text, lazy, printer, command, cursor, press, file, writer, pressing, commands, printer commands,...
TRS-80 Manual: Invasion Force (1979)(Tandy)
Topics: neal, jovian, pod, ship, command, commander, quadrant, antimatter, triton, power, antimatter pods,...
TRS-80 Manual: MultiDOS (1984)(Cosmopolitan Electronics Corporation)
Topics: file, multidos, byte, disk, logical, drive, program, command, display, ram, library command, single...
TRS-80 Manual: EDTASM+ With ZBUG (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: program, memory, addressing, address, assembler, condition, command, zbug, assembly language,...
TRS-80 Manual: SuperSCRIPSIT for Model III Reference Manual (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: type, cursor, defb, text, program, tab, document, print, diskette, superscripsit, view mode,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
by Software Arts
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Reference Manual for Software Arts' TK! Solver for the TRS-80 Model 4.
Topics: Software Arts, TK! Solver, TRS-80
TRS-80 Manual: Compiler BASIC v2.4 (19xx)(Ryan McFarland-Tandy)[a]
Topics: basic, program, print, data, input, file, model, compiler, compiler basic, string, building data,...
TRS-80 Manual: MMSForth v2.1 (1982)(Miller Microcomputer Services)
Topics: mmsforth, block, stack, users, addr, ibm, blocks, loop, code, manual, assembler screen, model iii,...
TRS-80 Manual: Disk Editor Assembler Plus (1981)(Microsoft)
Topics: disk, file, trsdos, command, symbol, load, program, filespec, cassette, enter, handling long, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: Editor Assembler Package (1979)(MS)
Topics: contents, reset, memory, set, instruction, location, opcode, byte, register pair, mhz, assembled...
TRS-80 Manual: Fortran-80 Users Manual (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: fortran, compiler, manual, program, default, listing, filename, file, illegal, command, reference...
TRS-80 Manual: CPM Model 4 (1984)(Montezuma Micro)[PDF]
Topics: disk, drive, montezuma, format, system, dup, undefined, micro, manual, config, micro standard,...
TRS-80 Manual: BASIC Compiler for Model 4 (19xx)(Tandy)
Topics: program, compiler, basic, file, switch, source, error, runtime, command, module, rel file, basic...
TRS-80 Manual: Microsoft Adventure (1979)(Microsoft)
Topics: adventure, microsoft, diskette, cave, disk, treasures, computer, program, consumer, game, microsoft...
TRS-80 Manual: Allwrite! (1984)(Tesler Corp)[Shortened]
Topics: text, allwrite, control, chapter, printer, print, disk, file, command, word, form letters, ttsc...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 (19xx)(Apparat Inc)[a2]
Topics: file, dos, diskette, command, user, model, program, byte, disk, basic, fixed item, chain file,...
Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Manuals
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TRS-80 Manual: Tiny Pascal (1982)(Tandy)
Topics: pascal, tiny, radio, shack, model, program, source, iii, type, software, memory address, user...
TRS-80 Manual: Montezuma Micro CPM 2.2 (19xx)(Montezuma Micro)
Topics: disk, drive, montezuma, format, revision, manual, undefined, micro, system, config, physical drive,...
TRS-80 Manual: NewDOS-80 v2.0 Model I Zaps (19xx)(Apparat Inc)
Topics: zap, diskette, trsdos, change, iii, mandatory, zaps, model, version, dos, destination diskette,...